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How Do You Pay Us?

We represent disability, life, accidental death & dismemberment, long-term care, ERISA insurance and pension claimants at different stages of their claims. Some clients want to hire us to assist them with filing a claim, some want to hire us to assist them with negotiating a disability claim policy buy-out, and others want to hire us to challenge a disability, life, accidental death & dismemberment, long-term care, ERISA, insurance or pension claim denial.

While some of our clients have sufficient financial resources to pay us hourly, most of our clients do not. Therefore, to accommodate all of our clients, we offer a variety of different fee options, so we can successfully represent our clients no matter their financial circumstances.  We offer three fee options: a contingency fee agreement, an hourly fee or a fixed flat rate.

Contingency Fee Agreements

The vast majority of our clients retain us on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is calculated as a percentage of the total recovery we achieve for our client. We want our clients to know that we have a vested interest in them getting paid benefits every month and our clients know our interests are identical with their interests. Under this type of agreement, we do not get paid unless our clients obtain a recovery.  If the case/claim involves a disability insurance claim, we collect a percentage of the monthly disability benefit that is collected for the client each month. The contingency fee arrangement eliminates any concerns regarding unpredictable hourly attorneys’ bills. With a contingency fee arrangement, we cover the costs associated with any litigation. The amount of the contingency fee percentage varies based upon the amount of the monthly benefit, duration of remaining benefits and the specific facts of each client’s claim.

Hourly Fee Agreement

Our hourly attorneys’ fee ranges from $425 to $800 depending on the attorney working on the claim. We reserve the right to change the hourly fee depending on the facts and circumstances of a specific claim and the passage of time. We require an initial evergreen retainer (this means we require that the retainer be replenished every month to its original initial sum) and we bill our hourly clients every 30 days. We provide an itemized statement every month which explains in detail the work that has been performed, the amount of time expended for each task and the total fees owed to us.

Fixed Fee Agreement

In certain rare circumstances, we can offer a fixed flat rate. The fixed flat rates are different on every claim due to the different facts and circumstances of each claim. The fixed fee agreement requires our client to pay the full fixed attorney fee in advance of any work being performed.

Written Fee/Retainer Agreements

In every case, we require that our clients review and sign a written fee/retainer agreement detailing the terms and conditions of our representation. Our fee agreements are more detailed than most of our competitors’ agreements to make sure our clients understand completely the terms of the fee agreement.  This level of detail is evidenced in our work for our clients. To give the best service to our clients, we provide the most detailed and comprehensive appeal letters and litigation pleadings in our industry. We offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your claim or your possible litigation.

If you have any questions about McKennon Law Group PC‘s fee arrangements, please call us or complete the consultation form.