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We Have Your Back In Denied Disability Insurance Claims

Experienced Disability Insurance Attorneys

Short-term disability and long-term disability insurance offer income replacement if, because of an accident or sickness, you are unable to work and are totally disabled. However, insurance companies often deny disability insurance claims and impose a burden on you to provide additional evidence of your disability.

There are several types of disability insurance policies governed by different laws.  Long-term disability and short-term disability insurance policies are typically purchased individually or are issued through employers.  Polices purchased directly from an insurance company are typically governed by state laws, such as the California Insurance Code and California contract law.  Most of the policies issued through employers as group insurance are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA.  If your insurer or employer improperly denied your disability claim under ERISA, you must act  quickly to preserve your rights.  At this stage, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney.

If your insurer improperly denied your disability claim under California law, you can bring a bad faith claim for policy benefits, “consequential damages” (damages that are caused by a company’s bad faith conduct), emotional distress damages, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and interest on past-due benefits (typically at the legal rate of 10%).

If an insurance company denies your disability claim, you are not helpless.  What may seem like a proper denial could actually be improper under the law.  An attorney experienced in disability insurance law can help you dispute the denial and secure your benefits.  The attorneys at McKennon Law Group PC in Newport Beach, California are nationally recognized experts in resolving disputes involving disability benefits and have over 60 years of experience in helping clients gain the settlements they deserve.

Skilled Litigators Helping Clients Recover Disability Insurance Benefits

Our attorneys have handled thousands of disability insurance claims, and thus we have a firm understanding of how to resolve long-term disability and short-term disability claim disputes involving individual and group policies that involve ERISA.  We have represented clients with insurance claims involving: 

We can help you through negotiation, litigation and the appeals process.  Our attorneys are thorough in their knowledge and are prepared to go to battle for you.

For more information, please see our Disability Insurance Bad Faith and Disability Insurance FAQs.

Our Skilled Team Will Advocate For You

At McKennon Law Group PC, our lawyers routinely represent clients concerning their long-term or short-term disability claims.  We have over six decades of experience handling disability insurance claims.  If you are an employee covered under a group disability policy, or if you purchased your own individual disability policy directly from a disability insurance company, and you had your claim denied, do not give up.  We can help.  For a free initial consultation, please fill out this free consultation form or call 1-800-682-4137.